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Our Design Philosophy

We're a collective of creatives who listen, empathise, and design a home that's best for your lifestyle.

We create timeless designs that exceed trendsJust like you are unique, each project is one-of-a-kind, yet all are unified by this philosophy.

Design your dream home as a cohesive team with experienced designers.

Even if they a wealth of industry experience when joining Forefront, all of our designers have to go through our rigorous training 6-month programme that ensures they are equipped with the skills necessary to listen, empathise and create a home that's best for your lifestyle.

Creating a home that elevates your lifestyle and embodies design excellence is our top priority, and our designers ceaselessly strive to make that happen.


Move into a high-quality, functional home that's carefully built to last a lifetime.

Having been in the industry for nearly 10 years, and served over 1000 satisfied homeowners, we have put together a process that makes your renovation turnkey and worry-free.

Our dedicated project managers and designers will ensure your home is built with materials that stand the test of time, alongside our highly experienced, rock-solid team of contractors that build your home with care.


Featured Project:
The Alcove

2024, by Jing Long

We're featured here:

As we turn designs into reality, we ensure that every inch of your home is fitted with materials that are made to last.


Edna & Janson

"Living in it ticked all our boxes of what we really wanted in a house."

Christopher & Ching

"Forefront gives very good service, before and after."

Nicholas & Pei Fang

"She managed to get a very good sense of what we were looking for."

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