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Your lifestyle, at the forefront of our design.

Since 2015, we have been working towards the goal of redefining design. Our designs are tailored to your lifestyle, instead of being influenced by trends.


With your lifestyle and needs in mind, we design a home beyond stunning aesthetics.

At Forefront, developing rapport and friendship with you is of utmost importance to us.


From receiving skilled guidance to having all your concerns addressed, you will enjoy the best experience from start to finish.

Design your dream home as a cohesive team with experienced designers.

Even if they a wealth of industry experience when joining Forefront, all of our designers have to go through our rigorous training 6-month programme that ensures they are equipped with the skills necessary to listen, empathise and create a home that's best for your lifestyle.

Creating a home that elevates your lifestyle and embodies design excellence is our top priority, and our designers ceaselessly strive to make that happen.


Move into a high-quality, functional home that's carefully built to last a lifetime.

Having been in the industry for nearly 10 years, and served over 1000 satisfied homeowners, we have put together a process that makes your renovation turnkey and worry-free.

Our dedicated project managers and designers will ensure your home is built with materials that stand the test of time, alongside our highly experienced, rock-solid team of contractors that build your home with care.

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