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Our Approach

As a homeowner, interior design is an integral part of designing your life. If you're a first timer, you will probably be uncertain about what the process is like.

Our comprehensive design process is unique and purposefully laid out not only to guide you throughout, but also to ensure you have a smooth, hassle-free experience.


Our First Meeting

It's easy for you to be heard. However, it's difficult to be truly understood.

At Forefront, we make it our priority to listen, understand and empathise. Unlike the norm in the fast-design industry, we do not plan the space off the bat. Instead, we digest and analyse your needs, and plan a space that best suits your lifestyle.

Setting the brief


Our Second Meeting

We’ll share the solutions we've designed for you, proposing a few tailored space plans. We'll explain how each space flows, and provide a moodboard to help you visualise the space. We'll address all your concerns and make subsequent revisions based on your feedback.


After we've nailed the layout and design style, we'll propose a detailed quotation for the project.

Nailing the style

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The Works Begin

Our experienced team will build your home from start to finish. We also fully manage the project for you, giving you consistent and detailed updates so you can be at ease and watch your home come to life.

We're only a call away


The Finale

Depending on the scope of work, our closely-monitored works span a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks from the date of confirmation.


After all heavy duty work is completed, we will remove all debris from the works, arrange a chemical wash and conduct general cleaning.


After which, you can move in with your furniture and electronics.

Completion. Handover.

Ready to start?

Let's build your home together. Simply enter your contact details, and we'll be in touch.

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