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Project #2312

Inside a $67K BTO Renovation: Curating A Vibrant And Colourful Home Where Our Clients' Children Will Grow Up

Designed by Nicholas


Did you know that being surrounded by a vibrant and colourful environment helps with the development of your child? That's not all - these colours also help to improve your overall mood.


Curved lines used to create a fluid space

Curved lines permeate the home to create a space that appears dynamic and full of life. Alongside the different pops of colour, these curved lines play both an aesthetic role and a functional one (see hidden arched shelf in the 3rd picture)

Eclectic and spacious

Our clients had a variety of aesthetic preferences, so there were definitely many ideas that we could play with and marry.

Our clients loved farmhouse vibes and Peranakan aesthetics - hence we created a unique kitchen which had both.


The board and batten cabinet doors and the wood countertop created this homely ambience reminiscent of a countryside farmhouse, while the Peranakan-lookalike tiles acted as a wonderful cherry on top.


Of course, the entrance features a mix of hexagonal tiles that break away from monotony and symbolise an entrance to a melting pot of styles.


As our clients host often, we hacked a bedroom to expand the living area to allow for a space where guests could comfortably move around, laugh, and play.


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