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Project #2310

Inside A $55k Child-Friendly Makeover For A Bidadari Park BTO: An Unconventional Blend Of Design Elements

Designed by Gabriel

Dining area in the Bidadari Park HDB flat of Project #2310

When homeowners like yourself decide it's time for a home makeover, the first thing most of them would think about is the appearance and style. However, you'll soon realise that something else is more important than style - and that is your lifestyle.

Image-22 (1).jpg

Developing a better understanding of our client's lifestyle

Through conversations, we understood our clients' lifestyles to a tee; they are a young family of three, and we had to design the home to be both child-friendly and family-friendly.

With a 95m² apartment, we knew we had to keep the use of space efficient by placing an emphasis on functionality.

Our clients also highlighted that they liked fluted panels, which serve as versatile elements in interior design.


A harmonious blend of textures make the house just right

To keep our clients' home clutter-free as they preferred, we opted for a minimalist concept with a palette comprising neutral, light tones. Curved corners and edges permeated the space to make it more child-friendly.

Blending these textures and curves helped to elevate both the visual and the emotional experience using, and living in the space.

To avoid monotony, we incorporated various fluted textures (which our clients loved) that also played a functional role.

For example, our clients' laundry area was right beside their kitchen. Adding a sliding fluted panel not only allowed the gas heater to be concealed; it also was a clever way to allow sufficient ventilation for the heat to dissipate.

Solving the problem of clutter and limited storage space:

As with every HDB flat, it is common to have items lying around due to the relatively small living space, which causes storage space to be limited.


This issue can be solved with a myriad of methods, but we opted to use full height cabinets and an in-wall fluted storage. As these were integrated nicely into the foyer, it made the area look and feel more spacious.


The kitchen was also made more spacious by incorporating storages above the counter and also the refrigerator.


One simple tactic we used to increase bathroom space was using a glass partition to segregate the wet and dry areas, but not fully enclosing the shower area so our clients would have improved mobility and breathing room.

As you can see from the living room above (first image), one of the walls is coated with limewash finishing. In our clients' bedroom, the wall is also coated with the same limewash paint.

Limewash has been a rising trend of late, and for good reason.


If you're thinking of adding touches of limewash textures to your home, here are some reasons you should:

  1. Signature uneven strokes from the limewash finishing shift away from solid colours, adding some contrast to your home's interior and is visually more interesting.

  2. You can DIY; we actually applied the limewash paint onto the walls with our clients (see video below).

  3. Limewash paint adds warmth to large spaces like living rooms.

More snapshots of this project below:

  1. Video of our limewash paint DIY session with our clients

  2. Full-height storages that make the home spacious

  3. Fluted textures that make the bathroom visually interesting

  4. Limewash-textured wall in the bedroom


Build a home that's best for your lifestyle.

Make an appointment to speak to our friendly designers today!

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