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A CaseTrust Certified Design Studio

We'll help you get your dream home with our design-oriented approach.

Claim a 1-on-1 consultation with a designer who listens, empathises, and designs a home that realises your vision.


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"Coming home it really feels like what we envisioned... and actually living in it really ticked all the boxes of what we really wanted in a house."

Edna and Janson


Featured Project:
The Alcove


Why clients choose to work with a CaseTrust-accredited company like Forefront Interior

It's no secret that Singapore's ID industry is filled with bad players due to lack of regulation. Hence, we work closely with CaseTrust, Singapore's de facto standard for companies who wish to demonstrate their commitment to fair trading and transparency to consumers.

We place a heavy emphasis on transparency and ethics in our practices for each and every client from start to finish, to provide you with a worry-free experience throughout.


Protect your peace of mind with a systematic and progressive renovation process

You can expect to receive detailed updates every Monday on the works done last week, and what to expect in the coming week. These updates include photos and videos for clear illustrations of the progress.

Payment is also made on a stage-by-stage basis (split into 5 payments), to ensure you remain protected as your project progresses.

See your ideas come to life with a detailed plan that helps you set expectations accurately

"This is not what I expected it to be!"

We seek to fully eliminate this issue from our process. Hence, we provide you with detailed drawings for carpentry, doors, and internal configurations with full set of accurately measured dimensions to give you an accurate portrayal of what to expect.


Our systematic renovation process operates with design sheets that detail all the renovation job scopes so you have a full overview of how your dream home will come to life.



"Living in it ticked all our boxes of what we really wanted in a house."

Edna & Janson

"Forefront gives very good service, before and after."

Christopher & Ching

"She managed to get a very good sense of what we were looking for."

Nicholas & Pei Fang

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prepare your floor plan and pictures of the existing conditions of the house (if any). It would be great to have a mood board. 


    Most importantly, you should come with an open mind. We are very experienced in guiding homeowners through each step of the renovation journey, even if they do not have any ideas in mind.

  • We strongly believe in fully transparent quotations as we want you to be at ease, knowing exactly what you're paying for.

    Additionally, we advise you to set aside an amount that's 5-10% of the quote.


    This is to account for rectification of any existing defects that we discover, or any add-ons you may want if you're inspired throughout the course of the project.

  • Yes, the initial design consultation is complimentary. Please schedule your appointment with us to discuss your interior design needs here.

  • We are well-known for our specialised approach to interior design.

    Unlike most in the industry, we do not rush into space planning on our first meeting. Instead, we strive to understand your lifestyle needs and challenges on a deep level.

    After which we will propose a few layout plans that are specifically tailored to your lifestyle on the next meeting.


    This way, we can ensure that the design you get is the best for you.

  • We do not offer renovation packages. This is because each of our clients have a unique set of requirements and vision for their home. Hence, each home that our designers create is personalised to your needs. Get in touch with us here.


Chi Kok Kiong

After attending the Hitcheed event and carefully considering multiple interior designers, we ultimately chose Nikki from Forefront. Her alignment with our renovation vision and excellent communication skills from our initial interaction stood out.

Throughout the entire renovation journey, Nikki remained highly responsive to our inquiries and receptive to our feedback. She proactively kept us informed about the timeline and progress of the renovation process.

Nikki provided us with a detailed mood board and insightful ideas on which furniture design to look out for, ensuring a cohesive interior design concept. Her attention to detail and commitment to realizing our vision were evident throughout.

We are incredibly satisfied with the final outcome of the renovation. Even as the project neared completion, Nikki and her team efficiently handled any necessary rectifications and touch-ups, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience overall.

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Shaun Yee

I was introduced to Forefront Interior through a friend, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to work with them, especially designer JT. Our project was driven by a desire to transform our living space, and JT's experience and expertise quickly became apparent. He was not only honest and direct in his communication but also unafraid to guide us on the feasibility of our ideas, providing practical alternatives where necessary.

JT's ability to grasp our desired theme and overall design feel was remarkable. His proposed mood board was remarkably close to our expectations, which led us to choose Forefront Interior after consulting with 10 other interior design firms.

During the renovation process, we requested some changes midway through the project, and JT was readily available to offer relevant advice and promptly address our requests. Jack, the project manager, was fantastic at keeping us updated throughout the renovation, giving us peace of mind about the entire process. The project also stayed within our budget and timeline.

The quality of workmanship was notably above average, with minor defects and blemishes quickly rectified, often within a day. Even after the renovation was completed, JT and Jack have continued to provide ad-hoc support and advice for additional minor works.

Forefront Interior and JT are truly all-encompassing and holistic in their approach. The outstanding quality that sets them apart is their ability to combine practicality with creativity seamlessly.

Overall, I highly recommend Forefront Interior, especially if you're seeking a skilled and experienced interior designer who provides clear communication, maintains high workmanship standards, and goes the extra mile to make your project a success.

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Daryl Lee

Forefront Interior has been a great ID partner for our new home - from the initial ideation to detailed discussions to the actual renovation process. Easy words to describe Gabriel are meticulous, patient, thoughtful, and honest. He did not behave like other IDs that our friends told about, who often "upsold" additional work to clients to increase the renovation costs - he told us what made sense and what did not in the context of our home. We are also appreciative of the constant updates he gave us about the place, and were extremely happy that he met the initial timeline set out without any slippages. Would definitely recommend him / Forefront to my other new homeowner friends, and hope to work with him again on our future new homes as well. Thanks Gabriel, and thanks Forefront!

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ZH Chua

What we like about Forefront Interior is their emphasis on planning. Our ID Jing Long was extremely meticulous on the details and what set him apart is really how he documented the details to ensure alignment and reduce miscommunication. He was able to consider our lifestyle needs/preferences, build upon our raw concepts and incorporated them into his space planning & interior design. He was also able to add finesse into the overall project, through his colour matching, materials selection and the finishing touches to soften the overall look of the house. All was done without losing the functionality and practicality of maintainence

Our project manager Samuel was extremely responsive and was always on hand to ensure that there was as minimal delays as possible. He was prompt in providing updates and resourceful to fix issues that we uncovered along the way, that were due to the age and complexity of our resale unit.

In terms of craftsmanship, we feel that the tiling and vinyl work was superb in terms of the planning, installation and finishing touches. The carpentry further amplified the modern farmhouse we were looking for. The electrical and lighting work were also done in a consultative and planful manner that considered our needs and feedback well.

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Jeremy Ng

Did our very first renovation works with Forefront Interior over the last 3 months. Jing Long was my ID and Ximen was the PM for our renovation. Both, (especially Ximen) were professional and generally quite responsive when it comes to seeking clarifications or rectifying issues. They were able to deliver the project within the timeline with minor defects. Even for those minor defects, they were resolved really quickly. Overall we had a really pleasant and smooth renovation experience, and I'm glad that we were able to find them. Thank you guys both for the hardwork for making a house into our home!

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Yeo Don

It has been a wonderful 4 to 5 months worth of wait to move in to our place we call home. This is our 2nd time engaging Forefront Interior to design and manage our renovation process. Remembered on our first home done up by Forefront was 5 yrs ago and things have changed alot since then but after much research we still went back to Forefront as we know we can entrust our new house to them and turn into what we can call it a home for our own. During our 2nd renovation process, we were assigned to Scott and eventhough we were new to him, we know we are in good hands. A good example would be when we were out and selecting tiles with Scott, he gave good advice and selection of choices for us to choose from. Despite most of the appointment with Scott as we have to bring our 2 LO in which he is very patient with us and sometimes helped to entertain them. As we are both working and looking after our LO, we do not have time to go up to our new house to inspect the renovation however in return Scott would do a weekly update (sending us photo) to ensure that renovation are all smooth and well and meeting the timeline. We are really very happy and glad to choose them again knowing that we do not have to worry about the renovation process. We would highly recommend them if you are looking for renovation for your new house/revamp your place.

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Jaiya Muthurasu

We can’t be happier picking Forefront Interior - this firm wasn’t recommended by anyone but we sourced it via socials and online. Like any homeowner, we met with a few IDs to understand their work and how we gel. We were thankfully to have Jing Long part of our home journey because from the initial meeting till the end, his attitude never faltered.

He was very detailed, creative and most importantly, open to our ideas and found ways to incorporate things to ensure that it was to our liking.

Together with Jing Long, the project manager Samuel helped ease the whole process and were always responsive & helpful.

My partner and I are grateful for all their hard work and the end product was what we wanted too! We will a continue to recommend Jing Long whenever people ask us for ID suggestions.

Thank you Jing Long, Samuel & Forefront Interior!

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Yusyafiqah Y.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Nicholas through our mutual friend, who had recently completed their renovation with Forefront. After meeting with 15 interior designers, my partner and I unanimously chose Nicholas as our ID. What drew us to Nic was his exceptional ability to seamlessly communicate, elevate our ideas with thoughtful alternatives, and prioritize practicality—a crucial factor for us, especially as first-time homeowners overflowing with inspiration from Pinterest and all.

Nic effortlessly grasped the essence of our desired theme and overall aesthetic, and from the very first mood board he presented, we were captivated by his vision. His proposals resonated so deeply with us that minimal alterations were needed. Throughout the renovation journey, both Nic and Jun Yi, the project manager, maintained consistent communication, providing regular updates on the progress and ensuring adherence to the agreed timeline. They were proactive in addressing any necessary modifications to optimize the project's success.

Even post-renovation, Nic and Jun Yi remained steadfast in their support, promptly addressing any minor defects or imperfections that arose. I am genuinely delighted with the final outcome and the exceptional service provided by Forefront. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking an interior designer.

A heartfelt thank you to Nic, Jun Yi, and the entire Forefront team for turning our dream home into a reality! 😊

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We actually spoke to around 8 IDs before we engaged gabriel because he was strongly recommended by our friend and he was super sincere w no hardselling (he even did a mood board for us). Absolutely no regrets as gabriel has a fantastic eye for aesthetics. As a first time home owner, we were really ganjiong and we couldn’t really articulate what we wanted other than a “feel”. But gabriel somehow knew and made great recommendations from tiles, to laminates and styling. Throughout the whole reno journey, he was super responsive and honestly, his team from tilers to carpenter had great workmanship. As with every reno journey, there were some hiccups here and there, gabriel was super responsive and made sure to help us settle them. Loving how our new home turned out and we can confidently say that we have achieved our dream home.

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Jiahui Quek

Had a great experience working with Vic and Jack from Forefront Interior on our new home :) As first-time homeowners, we were looking for an experienced ID who could guide us along the process and help us to look out for things we didn't know to look out for. We were really in good hands with Vic and Jack, which gave us great peace of mind throughout the renovation journey.

Some specific highlights:

- Vic was really intentional in designing the home around our desired lifestyle. He first understood our lifestyle needs before suggesting possible designs. He was creative and resourceful, providing ideas that had a good balance between practicality, aesthetics, and cost.

- Vic was open to exploring different options and gave really valuable insights on the pros and cons of the various options, helping us to come to informed choices that we are happy with.

- Vic was very thorough and meticulous throughout the process. He literally spent four hours with us discussing our carpentry dimensions, making sure that all carpentry sizes were practical and useful. He also helped us to visualise specific details and gave excellent suggestions.

- Jack coordinated the project excellently and proactively gave great advice on what to look out for onsite. Project was very well-coordinated, even with our own vendors, and Jack was prompt in answering our queries. Jack was hands-on and really detail-oriented throughout the execution - gave us great confidence that things were on track even if we didn't visit the house frequently.

- It was evident that Vic, Jack, and their vendors take great pride in the quality of their work. We were pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness that went into some minor details, and the extra effort to make the house more beautiful and practical. Minor issues were very promptly rectified.

Our thanks to Vic and Jack for helping us build a home that is a joy to live in :)

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After meeting with 12 IDs for our reno and doing some shortlisting, we had decided to engage Nicholas from Forefront as our ID
cos we felt that his design and idea stood out from the rest and suits our style.

From the initial consultation to the final handover, Nicholas displayed a high level of professionalism. He took the time to understand our needs and provided insightful recommendations for the style we wanted. During the reno, Nicholas was very prompt and patient in addressing all our concerns, clear and concise in communicating changes to the design, and always kept us informed at different phases of the reno. He was also able to adhere strictly to the proposed timeline which kinda impressed us at times.Throughout the reno, my hubby often sang praises of him and I would nod in agreement.

We also noticed good collaboration between Nicholas and his team of tilers, carpenters, painters and electrician, and their efficiency and craftmanship are highly commendable as well.👏

The reno went smoothly without any major hiccups and we are so thankful to have chosen Nicholas as our ID. So to anyone looking for a respectable reno company and ID that can deliver excellence, we will happily and highly recommend Forefront and Nicholas to you!😄👍

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Carina Toh

Renovating a brand new home is such a tedious, stressful and long journey! Shortlisting the right designer is even harder as he will be with you throughout the whole process. So chemistry is key!!!

After discussing the renovation plan with more than 4 companies, we had finally decided on Forefront Interior! And the reason was simply because of this professional and experience designer, Vic Tan!!!

He is really a top-notch designer - very professional and experience, sincere, honest, detailed, meticulous, reliable and responsible. He impressed us a lot with his “on the spot free hand sketch” when we told him what we desired. He proposed, discussed and listened to our thoughts on each and everything we wanted. Several times, we had repeatedly requested him to make changes to the design, and he would willingly and patiently made it happened to suit our needs. Thanks Vic!!! You’ve really made the whole process so smooth and hasslefree.

Jack, the Operation Manager is equally remarkable! He co-ordinated the timeline and liaised with the carpenter and electrician to ensure that all work were carried out smoothly and in time for the handover! His eyes for detailed and co-ordination work are one of the best we have ever met thus far.

Overall, the experience we had with Vic and Jack were such a pleasant one as they made a perfect team!

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend you to go to Forefront and ask for them if you are in need to renovate your new home. You’ll never regret it 👍🏻👍🏻

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Qi Yin Ng

After setting up appointments with numerous IDs, we eventually chose Forefront Interior and it was indeed the best decision. Gabriel was our ID and he did a fabulous job with our renovation. The renovation was so beautifully done. Additionally, the reno was all done within the original timeline proposed (this is so important)! Gabriel’s work style is amazing - he gave us honest inputs, he is engaging and provided us with many ideas and perspectives that we had never thought of before! He always made sure to keep us updated of the reno progress and ensures that we are kept in the loop for every detail. Thank you Forefront Interior and Gabriel, we love our new home :) I highly recommend this company and Gabriel for reno works!

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What set Forefront apart was their approach which is very important for the first meet up and that they take in your lifestyle, habits, wants and needs. We were assigned with Jing Long, who was well informed and experienced and even going the extra mile to propose an alternative layout. He kept it within our budget, which was honest, fair, and that it did not went over. He focused on what we envisioned without straying out of it and yet able to propose other practical ideas for us to accept. All of these was what sold us to engage them.

The experience was new for us as 1st time home owners however with Ximen, who was assigned to manage the project, with his coordination and steadiness it went by well and smooth. Both are able to advise and recommend you options, along with the assurance and professionalism in the way they work with timelines and updates. Right up to the end the service and workmanship provided is 💯.

We will continue to engage them in our future projects, if any, and will definitely recommend their service to anyone. Thank you for doing up our home. ☺️🏠

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Shi Ying Tan

House finally completed after 4 months! 🎉 A very big thank you to Vic our ID and Jack our project manager for helping us visualise and making our dream home a reality :)

After having met 10 different IDs we finally decided on Vic and Forefront Interior after superb reviews from my friend who got her house done by Vic after much considerations.

Vic and Jack coordinated every bit of the project including the delivery and installation of my appliances etc. They were also prompt in their communications and updates.

They answered my questions patiently and took time to rectify any issues and concerns i have raised. I am very grateful for their patience in dealing with my 1001 questions.

Thank you once again Vic, Jack and team for the beautiful home ☺️

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Zhidan Lin

Went to several IDs before we decided to go with Forefront Interior (Nicholas) as we felt that he was very professional during our initial meetings and gave us a lot of new ideas, different from the other IDs that we have visited. We were totally clueless with what we wanted but Nicholas was able to provide us with suggestions based on our preferences.

Throughout the whole renovation process, I did not even step into the house once since I was pregnant and my husband was only at the site twice or thrice in total. We fully trusted Nicholas and the Project Manager, Jun Yi, with our house and they have done a great job with it. Not only did they give us weekly and regular updates whenever work was done, they also assisted us with other miscellaneous queries promptly. It was a hassle free process from start to end and there wasn't anything for us to worry about which we really appreciated.

We would highly recommend Forefront Interior and Nicholas, especially if you are as clueless as us and wish to leave everything in the hands of the professionals. :)

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Kel O

The best decision in our life is to engage forefront to be our ID for our new home. We have the pleasure of working with both Shaphine and Ximen on a stress/fuss free journey of renovation - from designing, to selecting the materials, to coordinating of schedules and finally being able to move into our new place under a tight timeline. Shaphine is very innovative in her ideas and design of the house, i would say her ideas are really bold as it changed the entire outlook of the house, yet addressed our concern at the same time of wanting a spacious look and feel of the living room and our kids’ bedroom. She is very patient throughout all our meetings and conversations, always able to provide alternatives/solutions whenever we are stuck in making decisions and able to accommodate our request/last minute request. On the other hand, Ximen, who is our coordinator, is very responsive and always take the initiative to provide us with weekly updates of what kind of work will be carried out during the week, progress of the work done and will always inform us on any major issue on-site, even to the extent of liaising with our MCST to ensure 100% compliant. He is very patient and always ensure that defects are rectified properly and promptly. The post-sales service are really impressive as they are both still very responsive and willing to help rectify minor defects. As we are a perfectionist and may be demanding at times, we really want to commend the both of them for their patience and attention to details in ensuring that our renovation journey experience with them is enjoyable yet stress-free. Friends/relatives who have been to our new place was really impressed with the design and quality of work that has been delivered by both Shaphine and Ximen. We will continue to engage them in our future projects and will definitely recommend their service to anyone!

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