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Project #2403

This Funky Flat In Yishun Is A Showroom For Its Homeowners' Vibrant Personalities

Designed by Eadwine


Splashes of orange, touches of green, bikes hanging on the wall... That's not something you usually see in the homes of Singapore, where many homeowners opt for a muted design.

Your home being an extension of yourself

This 5-Room BTO in Yishun is one of the best examples of having the homeowner's personality shine through the home.


Definitely, for this flat, the homeowners - our clients - had bubbly personalities and a fun lifestyle that involved loads of quality time with friends and family.

Hence, they wanted to translate that into their home which they would eagerly show off to friends.

The design focus was hence shifted to keeping the space functional while nicely blending the eclectic mix of ideas into the home.


Aside from lush greenery and pops of bright, bold colours that permeated the space, the walls and shelves were adorned with accessories like lights, artwork, plants and even the homeowners' bicycles.


These made each part of the house look like an exhibit on display in an interesting hobbyist's museum.

However, to balance the visually tantalising embellishments throughout the house, high quality pieces of furniture with more neutral colours were selected - like the leather sofa and multifunctional long table. This would keep the home timeless in the long run.


A cosy oasis for work and rest

A room with a long desk for two and two beds was created to allow for a cosy WFH setup. Great to catch a quick snooze in the midday heat to take a break from the bustling busyness on the screen!


Different ambiences in areas that serve different functions

One thing that can't be overlooked when designing a home is the ambience. Lots of natural light in the living room makes the place feel more inviting and invokes a sense of calm in those residing within.

The bathrooms are contrasting; one features bold splashes of funky colours, the other being more muted with intricate details... Believe it or not, the design of the bathroom can really make a difference in your experience using it!


Perfect kitchen setup for their needs

Opting for neutral tones in the kitchen was an easy choice because it would make spills and stains more visible. However, instead of built-in cabinets all around, we added a shelf for the homeowners to display their little pieces of decor.

If you're looking for a more cost-effective option and don't have much to store in your kitchen, you can consider having an open shelf in place of a built-in cabinet.


However, your should speak to your interior designer to find out which option is more practical for your needs and lifestyle!



Build a home that's best for your lifestyle.

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