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Project #2401

A Cosy Pasir Ris Maisonette Where Sophistication And Quiet Luxury Shine Through The Atmosphere

Designed by Jing Long

STK02076 2.png

At the first glance, many visitors would be caught by awe at the stucco-textured feature wall by this maisonette's stairway.

Five-star hotel in a home?

In this project involving a 150m² Executive Maisonette in Pasir Ris, our clients (the homeowners) wanted to create a living space reminiscent of luxury hotels around the world.

This came from the inspiration they gathered throughout business trips to various five-star hotels abroad.

The philosophy behind this home's design stems from the concept of wabi-sabi, in which the interior has the following characteristics - spaciousness, clever furniture arrangements and an open floor plan that allows spatial qualities to shine.


Sophistication lies in the amalgamation of tiny details.

We were conscientious in selecting materials that would be the most suitable for the overall sensory experience that the house brings.

With high quality materials and finishes being used, the lighting was definitely something that was deliberately planned to the tiniest detail.

Lighting creates the ambience of the space, and we integrated warm lighting that elevated the understated luxurious atmosphere without unnecessary flamboyance or glamour.

Excellent pieces create a timeless look

The goal in creating the ideal luxurious space for the homeowners meant that rather than copying directly from their sources of inspiration, we had to design a space complementing their lifestyle while curating the multi-sensory living experience to perfection.

This meant that selecting high-quality furniture and textural elements were of utmost importance.


The walk-in wardrobe allows for a large storage space while giving the space a grand atmosphere when paired with ambient lights.


With clear storage shelves on each side, it allowed for the display of items that our clients adored - in this case, the star-studded handbag collection.


Drawing from the concept of spaciousness, the second floor, which consists of a bedroom, bathroom and vanity area is fully connected by a full-length mirror. The mirror extends to the bedroom to the open bathroom and vanity area.

Back on the first floor of the home, natural light flows in from the side of the living area in the day. As it radiates and bounces off the walls, a cosy ambience is formed as it is not too dark or bright; making it an ideal spot for rest and relaxation.



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